Modern Cars Are At Risk Too

This might lead some people to believe that they don’t need to worry if they drive one of the more modern cars that is made from lighter types of metals and incorporate a lot of plastic. However, that really couldn’t be farther from the truth. Salt damages these vehicles too, just in different ways. For the most part, the salt damages the clear coat finish that is used on these modern cars. It has a way of eating the clear coat away, just as it eats away metal. Sooner or later, the clear coat finish starts to peel away, exposing the paint or the raw finish itself. Either way, it makes the car look terrible and it can do serious damage, depending on what the base material is. If it’s a type of metal like aluminum, rust can still occur. If the surface in question is a plastic bumper, the peeling of the clear coat makes the surface look far different than the rest of the vehicle, thereby making the vehicle look old and worn-out.